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Athangudi sounds more like a place name than an option for floor tiles, but today the product has made both the place and the tiles famous. Sri Pandiyan Flower Tiles provide the most impressive traditional designs for athangudi tiles. These tiles are a heritage of Chettinad and come in a variety of attractive colours and patterns. Know More

Unique Designs

We have the best workers to make your tiles more unique.

Climate Friendly

Athangudi tiles are manufactured and suitable for all climates.
athangudi tiles

All Color Tiles

We make tiles in all colors, and we make custom-colored products as per customer request.

Unique Design Tiles

Athangudi tiles are famous for their unique and custom-made designs and experienced workers.

Border Tiles

We make border tiles for flooring decorations, Tile attachments and side works.
One tile creates a luxurious view


  • How to Buy Athangudi Tiles from Us?
    There are various designs. You can choose a design and colour of your choice. You can also customise designs. In this case, you need to pay the cost of the mould. See more products from the products page; it'll show the product code, which you can then inquire about via WhatsApp. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How are Athangudi tiles laid?
    The laying process is different from the regular tile laying process. Masons from Karaikudi should be employed as they understand the process better. Rice husk is used for polishing, which is also sourced from Karaikudi.
  • How are Athangudi Tiles maintained?
    The tile responds well to use. The more you walk on it, the shinier it gets. Non usage may dull the tile. Hence, it is not advisable to use as wall tiles. Regular cleaning should do. You can even wash the floors. Once a week, mop the floor with a mixture of water and 10-15 drops of coconut oil. It keeps the sheen intact.
  • What areas are best suited to Athangudi tiles?
    It is best suited to porches, verandahs and living rooms where traffic is quite high. Not advisable for kitchens and open to sunlight areas. For smaller size rooms, use smaller and less intricate designs. The more intricate ones look dramatic in larger areas.
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Advantage of Athangudi Tiles

Durable and long-lasting

They are easy to install and these tiles are also very durable for decades.

Unique and beautiful designs

Athangudi tiles are handcrafted and each design is different and unique.

Environmentally friendly

Low maintenance on one hand and the sheen improves with time.

Easily maintainable & Versatile

They can withstand regular cleaning with mild detergents and water.




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